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Contenedores de Obra
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Containers for:
Contenedores de escombros de obra, o excombro voluminoso
Contenedores para poda, palmera, cactus y maderas
Contenedores para cristal, vidrio
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Los mejores precios para contenedores de residuos de obra, poda, madera y cristal

Competitive prices - Get with us the best container prices  From the market  and with the best service. If you are going to start a work, talk to us.

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Containers for construction debris.

Contenedor para escombros petreos y de obra
Containers for construction debris  stony.

Stony debris are those containing building materials of stone origin. These debris  both for their density and for their ease of treatment have a cheaper rate.


As an example, stone rubble is considered to be sand, concrete, ceramic remains, asphalt, lime, gravel, marble, granite, tiles, plaster, etc.


Our  Containers for construction sites,  they are an excellent solution for this type of waste. If you are going to start a work, call us and we will help you find the most economical solution.


Containers for mixed construction rubble.

They are those that contain rubble of stone origin mixed with other materials that are used in the works such as aluminum, wood, copper, electrical cables, pipes, downspouts, brass, iron, insulation materials, etc.  .



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You can call us at  609 644 074 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. or fill out the form by clicking on the button Contact now.

We will offer you the best and most economical solution to your needs


Attention !  Our containers cannot be used to transport toxic or dangerous waste that may require special treatment and transport conditions such as Uralita, asbestos, aerosols, paint cans, wheels, etc.


Containers for pruning remains

Our containers are an excellent solution for the storage and removal of waste from the pruning of shrubs, trees and gardens.


Pruning waste must be free of any other material such as bags, plastics, packaging, etc.  Palm tree and cactus remains require special treatment so it must be reported when ordering the container.


Contenedores para restos de poda
Containers for pruning.

​​ Our containers are adjusted to your pruning needs.

This waste is highly recycled, being used mainly in the production of compost.

We offer  containers  of 5 and 1.8 cubic meters.


Contenedores de poda, restos de jardineria

Containers for treated wood

Wood treated with varnishes, paints, oils, etc. .. are a residue that requires special treatment.


This residue, once treated, is used mainly in the manufacture of conglomerate wood and pellets.


Call us if you need containers for this type of waste and we will offer you the best price.

Contenedores para maderas tratadas
Camion de contenedor 4,8 m3

Glass container.

We have special rates for containers to transport glass scraps to recycling centers.


The  Laminated glass requires special treatment, please tell us when placing the order if you are going to deposit this type of material.

Contenedores para cristal
Camion para contenedores de cristal

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- Rubble Containers.

- Pruning and Wood Containers.

- Metal and scrap containers.

- Containers for glass and crystal.

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Where is Tricontex?

Containers on public roads

On many occasions when we have to undertake a reform in our home we do not know how we can properly manage the debris that the reform is going to produce and we ask ourselves various questions:


How can I reserve space on the street for the container?

What type of container do I need?

What kind of debris can I throw in the container?


In short, something that is rare, one does not make reforms frequently, it can become a source of problems and headaches to add to those that generate the reform itself.


But don't worry, it really isn't that complicated and from Tricontex we can advise you so that you know the steps you should follow and avoid problems and costs.


The main factors to take into account are:


1.- What volume of debris are we going to generate.

2.- What kind of rubble are we going to have?

3.- How many days do I need the container on the public highway and how do I request the permit.


The volume and type of rubble are the factors that will help us to calculate how many containers I will need.



Tricontex containers have a capacity of 5, 4.3 and 2 cubic meters, the 2 cubic meter containers are used in narrow public roads, for example in old town centers, which do not allow the use of 5 cubic meter containers.


Depending on the type of rubble, a greater or lesser weight of rubble will fit in the container.


For more information on the types of rubble and prohibited materials click on this link Containers for rubble.


We advise that all non-stony material be kept apart so that the least amount of containers with mixed rubble are obtained, this will make the management of this waste more economical.


Public road occupancy permits must be requested at the Town Halls , for example at the Palma de Mallorca Town Hall, these services are managed through the IMOV (telephone number 971764830).


From experience, we advise that the period of time that the container is on the street is the minimum possible since, unfortunately, sometimes unfair behaviors occur such as depositing garbage, furniture, mattresses, etc. in the containers that cause the price of the management of residue is triggered as mixed debris.


The ideal is to coordinate the renovation company and the container company to agree on a few hours and carry out the dump and transport of waste in the same day, this is possible in practically all renovations and is the most convenient.


I hope that we have helped to clear up some doubts, if you need additional information you can send us an email to or call us at 609 644 074, at Tricontex we provide container services from Palma de Mallorca throughout the Island of Mallorca.


Call us and we will make you a budget without obligation.

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